Witosa estate

On the pictures we can see some neglected spaces and buildings; especially the school remained in a very bad condition. However, some signs of positive changes were visible too, for instance the square by the church and some playgrounds .


Kukuczki estate

Kukuczki is one of the smallest housing estate with buildings in a very good condition and of a rather good visual quality; characterized as well by tight social bonds and high level of quality of life. On the pictures we can e.g. see spontaneously arranged space for neighbours' meetings.


Tysiąclecia estate

Tysiąclecia estate, counting with about 23,500 inhabitants, is the biggest one in Katowice and one of the biggest ones in Poland. It is especially famous for buildings of 25 and 15 storeys, called 'corns'.



Another interesting estate, Odrodzenia, is characteristic because the buildings form several 'S' and are of different sizes. It has a bit peripheral character as it is situated relatively far away from the city centre and is not easily accessible from main roads.



Large housing estate built in Katowice-Giszowiec in a place of a former detached houses' estate (from the beginning of 20 th century), draws attention by architecture contrasts and the highest density of population.